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National Collegiate Jump Rope Association


  • Increase awareness of and involvement in the sport of jump rope at the collegiate level

  • Promote physical fitness and healthy lifestyles

  • Engage in volunteering and mentoring in our campus communities and beyond

  • Provide college athletes with opportunities for performance, competition, and teaching

  • Offer a fun, inclusive, and athletic environment for all college students interested in the sport of jump rope



The National Collegiate Jump Rope Council (NCJRC) was formed in July 2017 by a group of students who started jump rope programs at their respective universities: Tori Boggs (The Ohio State University), Stewart Isaacs (Stanford University), and Noah Mancuso (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). They each shared a variety of different experiences in the collegiate jump rope process and started working together to encourage other jump rope athletes to take advantage of the unique opportunities for jump rope across our universities. There was such an increase in university jump rope involvement that when these students graduated they decided to turn the Council into an Association. The National Collegiate Jump Rope Association (NCJRA) became incorporated in 2019 and achieved nonprofit status by the end of the year. Now, the Council refers to the group of representatives from each officially recognized collegiate jump rope program serving on the NCJRA Leadership Council, helping run the Association's events and guiding the future of collegiate jump rope.

A Word from NCJRA:


Hello College Jump Rope Athletes,


We at the NCJRA would like to encourage your participation in college jump rope, whether this be as a continued passion from high school or a new interest discovered on your college campus. As jump rope continues to grow, we look forward to seeing your participation in collegiate jump rope through the development of new college jump rope programs and your attendance at events like the annual University Jump Rope Summit. We also love supporting teams wanting to host new events at their colleges and in their communities. Cross-team participation and collaboration, whether that is between universities or with local youth jump rope programs, is key to helping expand and sustain our sport. 


We believe that college jump rope programs are unique, with new opportunities popping up every day. We hope that you will use the sport as a way to engage with your peers, to promote physical and mental health in your communities, and of course to focus on your own development and well-being. Just know, the NCJRA is always here for you! We are happy to share our personal stories and offer advice for your own college jump rope experience. Additionally, we are able help connect you with other students and local teams for continued support. We are all working together for the sport we love :)


Happy jumping, 


Our Team
Tori Boggs, Co-Founder
Vice President
Noah Mancuso, Co-Founder

Growing up in Vienna, West Virginia on Jump Company USA, Tori started jumping rope when she was 5 years old. After beginning her university journey at Ohio State, she start the Ohio State Jump Rope program in 2013. The club grew over the next 3 years and assisted other university programs to develop as well. In 2017, Ohio State Jump Rope hosted the first University Jump Rope Summit and National Collegiate Jump Rope Championship. Lifelong teammates with Noah Mancuso, Tori and Noah combined forces to continue building collegiate jump rope. Thus, the National Collegiate Jump Rope Council (now Association) was born. Tori now holds 30 Grand World Jump Rope Titles and is a Masters of Business Administration Candidate at the London School of Business & Finance.  

Also growing up in Vienna, West Virginia, Noah started jumping rope in elementary school. While on Jump Company USA, he travelled  to OSU to help Tori with Ohio State Jump Rope, giving him first-hand experience in developing a collegiate program. Upon attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Noah spearheaded the creation of Carolina Jump Rope. After 2 years at OSU, the University Jump Rope Summit traveled to UNC during Noah's senior year of college. With his help, this event has tripled in size. Noah has won several national and world jump rope titles and travels the world performing and teaching the sport. He is currently working in Malawi, Africa as a global health researcher but is still actively involved.  

Mason Rogers
Graham Booth

Mason grew up jumping for the Kangaroo Kids in Howard County, Maryland before helping start Stanford Jump Rope. During his time at Stanford, he served as financial officer and president, ushering the group from its first recruitment season to the international competition stage. Mason is interested in helping college jump rope teams achieve sustainability that powers them beyond the departure of their founders. To do so, he looks to leverage the unique facets of college jumpers and their university contexts to develop new athletes rapidly and create opportunities for them within the main circles of the sport. Now studying ocean physics at MIT, Mason looks forward to supporting the sport's next torchbearers.

In his home town of Cary, North Carolina, Graham started jumping when he was 8 years old. Starting off with Tri-Force Jump Rope, then moving to the YMCA Superksippers, Graham competed for 10 years before starting college at UNC Chapel Hill. There, he partnered with Noah to form Carolina Jump Rope. After hosting the 3rd and 4th University Summits at UNC, Graham began working closely with NCJRA to help grow college jump rope. He has won multiple Grand World titles as both an individual and with his teammates and frequently travels around the US and world to teach. Currently in his fourth year at UNC studying Public Health Nutrition, Graham plans to study medicine in the future.

Interested in college jump rope? Contact us.​​
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