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University Jump Rope Summit - Miami University, OH
(April 1-3, 2022)

We are thrilled to announce that the 2022 University Jump Rope Summit will officially be held on April 1-3 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio! This event will be limited to high school juniors/seniors and college athletes (community, undergraduate, graduate, professional schools).

All Summit competition events, except for the Team Showcase, will be competed in-person. Freestyle events will be competed without music and scored on a subjective judging scale (read more about the judging specifications here). The events are as follows:

  • Speed

    • 30 sec individual speed

    • 30 sec individual double-unders

    • 30 sec consecutive crosses (novice)/TS crosses (experienced)

    • 30 sec 2-in-1 speed

    • 30 sec double dutch single speed

    • 60 sec long rope speed

  • Freestyle

    • 30 sec single rope individual freestyle

    • 60 sec double dutch single freestyle

  • Virtual Team Showcase

More information and registration will be available in early December.

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